Hosting 101: How to Elevate Your Home for Fall

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Hosting soon? Stress not! We’ve scoured the likes of our favorite name-brand shops and small businesses, curating a list of must-have items for whenever it’s your turn to host next.

As for what team SN has in their shopping cart? Of course, we’ve rounded up modernized upgrades to your wine glass repertoire, dining plates, and coffee table reads. But, in the name of being a memorable host, we’re keen on stocking overnight-guest essentials, all-year-long décor, and fun-for-all board games that will take any gathering to the next level. Read on to give your next seasonal get-together a chic facelift.

For Your Next Dinner Party

Etched wine glasses

Something to sip from. What’s an artfully garnished cocktail without a sumptuous glass to drink it from? Whether you’re sipping bubbles or freshly shaken elixirs, a do-it-all sipping glass is key. We’re loving wine glasses with personality—be it something etched, stained, or artfully sculpted. Invest in your own set and enjoy them with red wines and sugary cocktails alike.

Dinner plates

Something to serve with. Gone are the days when neutrals dominated the tablescape. We’re keeping our sights set on splashy tones and mood-boosting patterns ready to breathe life into every dinner party on the calendar. Aim for something bright and colorful, yet polished and refined enough to impress even your most special guests. 

Hero cookware

Something to cook with. While we’re the first to endorse delivery pizzas and stress-free take-out, sometimes special gatherings warrant just-as-special homecooked dishes. A worthy investment whether you’re hosting or not, a non-toxic pan is an absolute must. Our fave? Women and immigrant-owned kitchenware mastermind Our Place’s Always pan–which you’re destined to always be reaching for. 

Chic charcuterie

Something for hors d'oeuvres. Whether you’ve converted to butter boards or stand with charcuterie, you’ll need something polished to serve bites from. Keep the aesthetic uncomplicated with a wooden slab, or, invest in something with an elevated flair—say, something marble and etched.

Year-round blooms 

Something to decorate with. Keep your posies blooming all year round with a faux fresh-plucked bouquet that’ll add a sweet aura to any space. Add yours to coffee tables, beverage stations, dining tables, and wherever else you can fit a vase. Bonus points if you spray yours with a flowery essence.

For Your Next House Guest

Mood-setting scents

Something to smell. Rip out a page from our book—no space is complete without a candle. Perfect for establishing a cozy ambiance and diffusing your best-kept scents, candles are the cherry-on-top finishes to any gathering. Tap into the season with autumnal aromas or holiday-inspired perfumes—depending on when you’re hosting.

Overnight essentials

Something for the out-of-towners and unexpected crashers. Hosting can be a handful, especially when your guests are spending the night. Lucky for you, our SN home collection has everything you need to make their stay a homey one. Our Hand and Bath Towel Set is perfect for freshening up, while our printed sheets are perfect for cozying up in. Snag them both, and you’ll be a seasoned host in no time.

Turntable tunes

Something to dance to. A must-have for playing ambient sound while hors d'oeuvres are being enjoyed—or, for ushering the impromptu dance parties that follow—a turntable is destined to bring the fun while infusing heaps of character into your décor repertoire.

Coffee table reads

Something to browse. A must-have conversation piece whether you’re a bookworm or not, coffee table anthologies are destined to add a refined touch to any gathering. Snatch one with a vivid cover and endless images for guests to peruse as they chitchat.

For Your Next Game Night

Gorgeous, gorgeous games

Something fun for everyone. A destined-to-be hit, games will take your dinner parties and get-togethers to a whole new level. Get your company involved with games that’ll keep everyone entertained and look phenomenal perched in your living room. Think: aesthetic checkerboards, chic paddleball sets, classic playing cards, or backgammon worthy of a spot on your coffee table when not in use.

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