Tips from Arielle, Dana, and Tara on Maternity Style in the Summer

Bump-friendly fashion is all about staying comfortable and looking chic.
Flowy, flexible dresses and stretchy leggings quickly become closet essentials during pregnancy. Luckily, team SN has moms and moms-to-be to give you a bit of style inspiration. We asked Arielle, Dana, and Tara to share their approach on maternity dressing–plus, shop a few of their favorite staple items they wear over and over again during pregnancy. 

Arielle's Take on Maternity Style

"While pregnant, I gravitated towards more form-fitting looks. I loved showing off my belly and I've never felt more womanly or more proud of my body! My go-to outfit staples were leggings, form-fitting dresses, and all things Doen!"

Dana's Take on Maternity Style

"I’m about halfway through my pregnancy and with summer heat and quarantine, I just want to be as comfortable as possible right now. I’m currently obsessed with milkmaid style dresses and have been wearing them every day. Anything with a stretchy top and a flowy skirt makes me feel super feminine and amazing. I love that you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion and that they’re comfortable enough for my (frequent) naps."

Tara's Take on Maternity Style

"To be honest, my style hasn’t changed much as a result of pregnancy. This is due to both: I am only 16 weeks so not very big yet and more importantly, my preferred style of dressing has always resembled that of a pregnant woman. What this means is that I’m (still) loving wearing oversized, buoyant, and/or flowy things. Preferably dresses! Elasticity around the rib cage goes an even longer way right now for maximum comfort."

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