I Let Ruby Dress Me: Summer Edition

We're bringing back an old favorite here on SN.com: Ruby is styling three summer looks for Arielle!

Ruby is a budding fashionista, so we put her in charge of Arielle's summer-ready OOTD. Below, see every look she put together and read Arielle's take on each one!

Outfit 1

“I’m not really sure I’d wear this outfit out of the house. Haha. I would probably change the lounge sweatshirt to a button-down. I also would take the cashmere hat and gloves off…but she nailed it with the shoes!“—Arielle

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Outfit 2

“This outfit was interesting. Again, I definitely would remove the cashmere beanie and gloves. I would most likely change the shoes to a pair that matched the rest of the outfit and something a little lower. I would wear this outfit to dinner with Brandon!“—Arielle

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Outfit 3

“Honestly, I loved this outfit. She inspired me to wear these jeans with one of my other t-shirts. It looked great with the flats and the sunglasses. I’d probably wear this to lunch with the kids! Again, with the beanie and gloves removed.“—Arielle

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