Something for the Hostess: Spring Edition

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Summer is on the horizon, which (hopefully) means weekend getaways. And while we love flying to foreign countries, exploring new cities, and hunkering down in a hotel at the end of the day, there’s nothing like spending a weekend in the home of one of your nearest and dearest. While it only takes a few small, deliberate actions to be the best guest possible (make your bed and always offer to help cook or clean up), a gift doesn’t hurt, either. Below, Team SN has rounded up a few perfect picks for when you have a hostess to impress—whether it's for a long weekend, a housewarming, or even just a dinner party. Consider yourself prepared for whatever socializing this summer throws your way. 

For a Long Weekend 

Whether you’re staying with a friend, family member, or potential future-in-law, these recommendations will quickly turn a long weekend into a lasting memory.

For a Friend

There’s nothing better than a long weekend spent in the company of your besties. But there’s one thing that can make it even better: wine. Go in on the One-Time Box of rosé from Dry Farm Wines to level up your poolside gossip game.  

For a Family Member 

The best part about spending time with family? It’s a no-judgment zone. That’s why a box of Godiva Chocolates is one of our go-to's for visiting relatives we rarely see—they won’t call you out when you indulge in one (or a few). A gift for the hostess that you can enjoy, too? Win, win. 

For Meeting the Parents 

When you’re meeting the parents, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic candle. This option from Claus Porto will beautifully–but subtly–scent any space, and the chic white vessel matches every style. Plus, if you live in New York City, Net-A-Porter offers same-day delivery, meaning you can order this gorgeous gift in a pinch.

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For a Dinner Party 

If you can cook, offering to help out is the best dinner party gift you can offer. If you can’t, don’t worry. There are so many ways to make your hostess’ night easier—and she’ll use them long after dessert is served. 

Where the vibe is casual 

Casual dinner parties are our favorite way to socialize—and also one of the easiest events to buy gifts for. Why? Because high-quality alcohol never goes to go to waste. Snap up a bottle of Lobos 1707 Tequila, a brand so premium that LeBron James himself is an investor.  

Where the vibe is sophisticated 

Okay, so a bottle of tequila isn’t appropriate for all dinner parties. If you’re going to a more refined affair, it’s probably a safe bet that your hostess is going to be putting together a gorgeous tablescape. Why not help her level up with these spherical place card holders from AERIN? They’re the type of household object you never knew you needed.

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For a Housewarming 

There’s no better opportunity to hone your hostess gift prowess than a housewarming party. While a bottle of wine will always do, if you’re looking to shake things up a bit, look no further than our recommendations below. 

For your first apartment 

There’s nothing quite like moving into your first apartment. It’s exhilarating and fun—until you realize how expensive it is to buy basic household items like silverware. Make it a little bit easier on your newly-minted apartment-dweller by gifting them the Our Place pan—an 8-in-1 “kitchen magician” that will ease the burden of stocking up on cookware. 

For the couple that just moved in together

Moving in together is a major step in serious relationships. Why not celebrate that love, by gifting a picture frame, filled with your favorite photo of them. If you don’t have one handy, gift a Polaroid, too, so you can take it on the spot. It's not only fun but thoughtful, too!

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