I Let My Husband Style Me in 3 Looks

The ladies of SN are known for their top-notch sense of style, but what happens when we hand over the fashion reins to someone else?

We've had Ruby style Arielle (and the results were adorable) but it's time to challenge Team SN's significant others to the test. Up first is Tara, who tried three looks styled by her husband, Tyler. See every ensemble he put together below, with her take on each one! 

Outfit 1

"Tyler did well here! This outfit recipe makes a lot of sense for me: maternity leggings, oversized sweater, textured boots. Probably not the most realistic to dress me in heels on a day I’m working from home, but he knows I’m all about fashion over function. I’d wear this full look out to dinner, and likely throw a cozy faux fur jacket on top since we are dining outside in NYC these days. Sans shoes, I’d wear this look lounging around the house!"–Tara

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Outfit 2

"He’s on the right track with this outfit although there is definitely room for improvement. I don’t love when you can see bare leg between a bootie and a midi dress, so I’d probably pair the dress back to a knee-high boot, preferably in the grey color family for a tonal ensemble. To elevate the look, I would also want to throw a blazer over my shoulders. The right occasion for this outfit is pretty limitless: work (at home or office), brunch with girlfriends, casual date night."–Tara

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Outfit 3

"Well, third time is not a charm in this exercise. I kindly reminded Tyler that I’m 28 weeks pregnant, yet clearly he still assumed I could button my old jeans below the belly. Better yet, with a cropped sweater! I love this sweater a lot and it’s actually a new purchase, but the intent is to layer it under a dress. So, keeping the sweater on, I would add an ivory or hunter green dress and potentially style back to a tweed shoe. Once I’m feeling good and empowered in this look, off to a (non-existent) business meeting!"–Tara

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