The WFH Edit: What To Wear While Working From Home

WFH Style - you’d think we’d have perfected the formula by now. But there’s something about getting dressed to the nines for a day at your desk that’s hard to pin down – do you go all out, in hopes that the “dress for the job you want” edict motivates you towards your dream career, or keep things casual, in favor of saving time on getting dressed in the morning for maximum efficiency? The answer: there is no answer. And while that may make us sound wildly unhelpful, stay with us. We’ve decided that the rules for WFH change every day, based on both your mood and your after-work activities (or lack thereof). Here are our picks for three looks, all designed to suit slightly different variations of the WFH vibe.

Keep it corporate 

If you work in a hyper-corporate job, there’s a high chance you’re already back in the office. But even if you’re not, there’s something to be said for maintaining professional dress at all costs. The conundrum: you don’t want to be shifting uncomfortably all day at your desk in a pair of suit pants that are a tad too tight. Our wide legged pair are the perfect alternative. They’re smart enough to show off on a trading desk (or, you know, at your desk), but they’re also comfy enough to wear through a 12-hour workday. Pair them with our crisp mock neck button up and you’re set for whatever calls Zoom throws your way. 

Take it straight to drinks  

Lucky for us, we’ve graduated from virtual dates back to real-world Rendez-Vous. There’s something thrilling about going through the day with post-work plans to look forward to. And while the days of needing to get dressed in the morning for an outfit that can take you through to after-work drinks are gone, there’s something fun about putting on a full look for the whole day. Our silky cowl neck top is professional enough for your workday meetings, especially when paired with our oversized plaid blazer – and our high-waisted denim pants will keep you comfortable all day–and pass style muster in even the chicest restaurant when the time comes for that, too. 

Business on the top, casual on the bottom

Sometimes, you have no time to dress up–or you simply don’t feel like it. But to us, that doesn’t mean sacrificing style. In fact, there’s something so effortlessly chic about a monochromatic look that blends the high (a crisp button-down) with the low (cropped leggings that you could also wear to a workout class if that’s your preferred after-work activity). And the on-trend chocolate brown adds depth to the look and makes it perfect for dressing up or down.