What To Wear On Your Next Night Out

Is there anything better than that Friday feeling? You’ve finished your work (or, let’s be honest, officially decided to “deal with on Monday”), you have plans on the horizon, and you’re already mentally figuring out your cocktail order. The one issue? You’re not exactly sure what to wear. We’ve been there, but, over the years, we’ve created (and if we do say so ourselves, perfected) a formula for occasion dressing that rarely fails us. Read on for our tips and tricks for every type of event. 

For when you’re going out out 

Out out means something different to everyone. If we’re talking benefit or gala, you won’t put a foot wrong with our silky halter cutout gown, in any of the gorgeous jewel tones on offer. If you’re headed to a club–our silky open-back top and wide-leg trouser set is the ideal way to make an entrance.

For a birthday dinner 

If you’re throwing yourself a birthday dinner, you have our full permission to opt for something you wouldn’t wear to a restaurant on a typical night out. And while we advocate getting as fancy as you want, you should avoid getting too fancy–you don’t want your guests to feel underdressed. One of our favorite looks for the occasion is our turtleneck sweater dress. The open-back gives it a sultry element, but the forgiving ribbed fabric means you’ll feel comfortable enough to indulge (there’s nothing worse than wearing something you can hardly move, let alone eat, into a dinner out). Looking to show a little more leg? It’s hard to imagine a cuter and more on-trend look than our organza bow mini dress paired with penny loafers and frilly socks. 

If you’re not a dress person, don’t worry–our newly launched wrap top with cutouts with a pair of wide-leg trousers offers a similar impact.

For a girl’s dinner 

Hands down one of our favorite pastimes, there’s nothing quite like a girl’s dinner. Whether you’re going for a casual weeknight meal or hitting the town on a Saturday, we recommend erring on the casual side when dressing for a dinner like this. Our formula is as follows: white tee, statement jacket, and straight-leg jeans. Try our long-sleeved crew neck, an oversized blazer, and fabulous pair of high-waisted denim and you’ll be set for wherever the night takes you.

For a bachelorette 

If you’re a guest, attending a bachelorette is a delicate balance. You want to avoid upstaging the bride at all costs, but you also want to look good (and who can blame you–we’ve all seen how many Instagram Stories come out of events like these). No matter the weather, it’s difficult to go wrong with a turtleneck bodysuit tucked into a pair of funky pants. And remember–whatever you wear is probably fine as long as it’s not white (please don’t wear white).

If you’re the bride, use this as an opportunity to go ALL out. Our silky cowl neck top, two-toned denim, and a pair of our two-toned booties might be a tad too extra on a regular day, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we’re giving you full permission to go for it. If you’re feeling a bit more refined, there’s hardly a chicer bridal look than our cropped blazer and matching tweed pants.