The 3 Delivery Services Nikki Can't Live Without

Thank you to our friends at Capsule for partnering with us on this story.

It's safe to say that 2020 is the year of the delivery service.

We're spending more time than ever at home, and Team SN has found new game-changing, trustworthy services that bring all of our must-have items right to our front door. Between Capsule, Postmates, and Sakara, all of our necessities can be conveniently delivered right to our homes.


First up on our list of life-changing services: Capsule

Capsule is on a mission to create a pharmacy that works for everyone–so your days of waiting in line to pick up prescriptions are over. With Capsule, you can seamlessly sign up and place an order for your prescriptions from just about anywhere (like your bed or couch). Capsule does the rest and texts you when your meds are ready for delivery–then, you pick your delivery time and they come to you! And the best part? Delivery with Capsule is totally free. Capsule makes the entire process a breeze, and they work with all major insurance plans to make sure you get the best price on your medicine.

Nikki has been a Capsule user for years–she found the service while looking for a convenient alternative to frequent (and time-consuming!) pharmacy trips. "2 or 3 years ago, it wasn't easy for me to leave work and go grab a prescription–and I would always end up waiting at the pharmacy while it was filled anyway," Nikki said. More recently, the service came in handy when she underwent endosalpingiosis surgery. "At 6 p.m. the night before my surgery, I realized there were three prescriptions I needed that I hadn't filled yet," Nikki explained. "With Capsule, I was able to easily order the medicine and they were delivered that night."

Capsule also has a free personal concierge service for their users, which gives you access to their team of licensed pharmacists who can answer questions or concerns seven days a week."I used to ask my mom a ton of questions about every prescription I had, but now I can speak to a pharmacist through Capsule," Nikki said. "They're there to guide you on anything. If you're taking two medicines and you want to make sure if they don't interact, or if you're wondering if you should eat before taking a certain pill, they can answer all of these questions."

Getting started with Capsule is as easy as signing up, which takes a total of 15 seconds, tops. They even do all the work for you and transfer prescriptions from your existing pharmacy. Right now, Capsule is available in NYC, Twin Cities, Chicago, and Boston–if that's your area, head to Capsule to learn more and get your medications delivered now! 

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Postmates and Sakara


Postmates makes food delivery incredibly convenient

Food and beverage delivery is made easy with Postmates–consider it your go-to when you're in need of dinnertime inspiration! Simply enter your delivery address you and you can easily see a variety of restaurants to order pickup or delivery from. With Postmates, you can bring all the fun of dining out home.

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Sakara's meal programs are the easiest way to eat clean

Nutritious, plant-rich, and delicious meals delivered right to your door? Yes, please! With 3 and 5-day meal programs available, Sakara is the most convenient way to make healthy eating a reality. You can customize your program to choose which meals are delivered each day, and they'll arrive ready-to-eat along with teas, supplements, and other treats from the brand. Eating well has never been this easy!

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