The SN Guide to Solving Your 2020 Hangover

Our 2020 hangover is real.

We're not just talking about what happens if you overindulged at your NYE celebration–we mean the inevitable hangover-like feeling that comes from a year as stressful as 2020. Here's the secret to beating it: make time for some serious self-care as you welcome 2021. From an at-home spa day to a high-energy sweat session, these ideas will help you enter the new year feeling refreshed.

Turn Your Home Into a Spa

After the ups and downs of 2020, you've earned a spa day. A face mask is a must–use a tried-and-true staple (like the Jet Lag mask from Summer Fridays) or a detoxifying formula that will keep your skin clear, like Caudalie's Instant Detox mask. For a DIY spa day, create masks with everyday kitchen items–we've got 3 beauty recipes here made from coconut oil, yogurt, avocado, and more. 

To complete your at-home spa experience, take inspiration from Arielle and treat yourself to a luxurious bubble bath. Use a foaming product with a calming scent for a truly relaxing day of self-care.

Sweat It Out

A challenging workout is one of the easiest ways you can sweat out toxins and give your body a little TLC. Luckily, we perfected the art of at-home exercising this year, and all you need is a fitness app to lead your workout.

If you're looking for exercise inspiration, we've got SN-approved faves for you, including the Sculpt Society, Megan Roup's dance cardio and sculpting workout program. Even better? You can start a 14-day free trial now! Or, bundle up and head outdoors for a long walk–nothing clears your head like a little fresh air. 

Cook Yourself a Feast

2020 is the year you finally got acquainted with your kitchen, so it's time to put those skills to use in the name of self-care. Put on your Spotify "Year in Review" playlist and head to the kitchen to make a feast fit for a queen. Whip up an elaborate spread starring your favorite indulgent foods, like this utterly delicious French toast. Trust us–it will taste even better because you made it yourself.

You don't need a complicated recipe to make this happen. A simple menu will still feel like a treat! We have a few must-try dishes from Carrie Nachmani, SN's resident chef and Arielle's mom, right this way.

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