Meet the Founder of allyoos

Let's talk beauty. Next on our Meet the Founder series is a clean hair care product you need to try. allyoos celebrates your natural hair with products that can help you style your hair so you can actually look like you. We love their products so much that we recently added the Juice Drench Hair Treatment and A Quick Clean Scalp and Root Rinse on our SN Marketplace! In the meantime, scroll to learn more about allyoos and its amazing founder below!

About allyoos

allyoos makes clean hair care products that bring out the best in your natural hair. Their products are 99% plant- and water-based and contain fruit, veggie, and plant extracts that help heal and support your hair so it can thrive naturally. allyoos celebrates natural texture, shape, bounce, and movement with products that help you wear your hair so you can look like you.

Stay tuned for allyoos' brand guide on how to shop cleaner, safer hair care products for you and your family!

Meet Samantha

Samantha Denis is all about your hair. After hair styling for 15+ years and 5 years on the product development team at Bumble and bumble working on some pretty iconic product launches, she decided it was time to start her own line of clean hair care. Sam is a mom, founder, wife, sister, and friend — just like all of us. She is from New York and currently building her family and business together in Brooklyn.

"Hair has always been my thing. I grew up in the salon, landed my dream job at bumble and bumble, and worked backstage for 10 seasons at NYFW — hair has always been such a big, special part of me. I started allyoos for a few reasons that are near and dear to me. I wanted to create products that were clean, safe, packed with beautiful, healing ingredients, and actually worked on all hair types. With concepts, product ideas, and language that actually resonated with my consumer. My sister, cousins, friends, clients — what do we do every day, how do we think about our hair, and how can I help? What if I could get everyone to actually love their natural hair? And what if I created products that were actually designed to heal your hair the safe way — and bring out the best in it? The type of clean hair care that was plant-packed and performance-driven, but without a doubt inclusive, fun, and accessible. Really, the whole point of allyoos is to get back to you — wear your hair, look like you, and love what you see." - Samantha Denis

Samantha's SN Favorites

  1. allyoos Juice Drench and A Quick Clean — literal routine game-changers, especially for Summer hair! 

  2. Anything Honeydew Intimates — big sleep set girl!

  3. Splits59 — best joggers ever! 

"Whatever presents, just rise to the occasion." - Samantha Denis