Meet the Founder of Après Beauty

Meet one of Team SN's new favorite brands, Après Beauty. After a new era of beauty, their premium, effortless skincare products are created especially to compliment your active lifestyle. From "post-gym skin” products to your new go-to workout accessories, Après Beauty's products are made to make you look & feel good. Read on to learn more about the founder of this amazing beauty brand below!

Meet Lexie

Lexie Hingsen is revolutionizing the way women define an active lifestyle. Her refreshing and rejuvenating beauty products enhance and restore skin, and complement any workout regimen. Lexie is creatively focused on accentuating a woman’s natural beauty and overall health. 

“Results happen over time, not overnight - work hard, stay consistent and be patient” - Lexie Hingsen

About Après Beauty

Après Beauty is on a mission to make your skincare routine just as active as you are. Whether you're running between meetings or running on the treadmill, our line of products and accessories will help you complete any workout, no matter how busy your schedule is. From cooling towelettes and soothing eye masks to hair ties and resistance bands, Après Beauty has what you need to get back in the game and look as good as you feel!

The Story

Born out of a passion for an active lifestyle and an infinite love for beauty products, Lexie encapsulates her dose of aesthetics, convenience, and functionality into Après Beauty. Her mission is to provide simple, clean beauty and lifestyle solutions that are easy to use and are not harmful to the environment. 

As the daughter of an Olympian, she grew up understanding the importance of health and fitness. Always on the go, Lexie started to look for better ways to improve her skincare routine between workouts and college classes. She wanted multi-purpose,  functional, time-saving products that worked perfectly together without taking up too much space in her gym bag. This is why she created Après Beauty; a line of convenient, eco-friendly, gym bag essentials that not only refresh your face but compliment any athleisure look.