Meet the Wellness Products Sydney Used to Upgrade Her Self-Care Routine

Thank you to our friends at Beam for partnering with us on this article.

Forget hot girl summer–we're all about *hydrated* girl summer. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, and Beam is on a mission to hydrate the people. 

Beam is a wellness brand that creates functional supplements to promote balance, energy, recovery, and sound sleep. Their electrolyte powders are game-changing products that helped Sydney upgrade her morning routine. Read on to find out why Beam is Sydney's wellness secret weapon. 

Sydney starts her everyday wellness routine with a sweat session. “Before I discovered Beam, I would immediately come home from a morning workout and make a coffee,” Sydney said. “Although I love it, coffee is dehydrating–especially during the summer when we are all sweating a little bit more than usual–so I decided to swap it out!"

Searching for a coffee alternative is what led Sydney to Beam's three hydration-focused formulas–Elevate Recovery, Elevate Energy, and Elevate Balance. These powders are her three-step hydration ritual–first up, she drinks Elevate Recovery with a large glass of water after a workout.

“I’ve noticed a really big difference in how it makes me feel," Sydney said. "The powder keeps me energized, it's super refreshing and it also has collagen in it, which I feel has been giving my skin a nice glow!”

On non-workout days, Sydney starts her morning with Elevate Balance, which has prebiotics and probiotics to support a healthy microbiome. For a midday pick-me-up (or when she's craving a cup of coffee), Sydney turns to Elevate Energy. It contains green coffee bean extract for a kick of energy.

Beam’s Elevate products all have a great taste with no added sugar, which makes them paleo and keto-friendly. These formulas are different from other electrolytes because they are really clean and high quality, plus they target specific needs, from digestive balance to energy and recovery.

Get to know all of Beam’s hydration products below. If you subscribe to any item, you’ll receive an exclusive 20% off, free shipping, a VIP customer concierge, and flexible delivery schedules.

Beam elevate balance blue packets

Elevate Balance is a hydrating electrolyte formula that contains prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and vitamins D and K to support a healthy microbiome. We recommend drinking it first thing in the morning to cleanse your body after a night of sleep.

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Beam elevate recovery orange packets

The Elevate Recovery powder contains non-GMO collagen peptides to support joint and muscle health. Try it post-workout to help your body recover and re-hydrate, and to restore sore muscles.

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Beam elevate energy green packets

Elevate Energy offers an all-natural boost of energy and hydration, formulated with beetroot, green coffee bean, and citrulline. We love this powder as a coffee replacement in the morning or as a midday pick-me-up for sustained energy all day long.

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beam elevate variety pack

The Elevate Variety Pack includes five servings of Balance, Performance, and Recovery powder. Try each formula to see which one makes the largest impact on your personal wellness goals.

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