New Year, New Me

Thanks to our friends at Josie Maran for partnering with us on this post.
Even though we may have already dropped the ball on some of our New Year’s resolutions, there’s one promise to ourselves that we can all agree we are actually sticking to this year. What is it, you ask?! Our commitment to self-care! Now that we are fully in the thick of the new year, our old routines are creeping up on us and as a precaution, we are making extra efforts to take care of ourselves, from our skin, to our bodies and last but not least, to our minds.


The temperatures have been all over the place this season, but our skin is still feeling that winter weather wear. Our go-to skincare routine relies on our favorite products by skin guru Josie Maran. Honestly, her entire line is the only thing getting us through these dry, cold days! 


Our bodies are also in need of some serious TLC. Lately, we’ve been learning more about different practices to relax our bodies, such as acupuncture or yoga. We’re also focusing on our breathing throughout the day (it helps!) and making time to laugh also releases tension in our muscles we didn’t even realize we were straining. 

Some more ideas to relax the body…

  • Massages

  • Exercise

  • Dancing

  • Walking outside

  • Sunshine


While meditating is the buzzword du jour when it comes to self care these days, there are a lot of other ways you can better your mind, too. We’re huge fans of going old school and reading a good book, journaling and reconnecting with old friends. And of course, it goes without saying but unplugging really helps!

Some more ideas to clear the mind…

  • Listen to music

  • Dance               

  • Meditation apps such as Calm or Headspace 

  • Listening to a podcast or eBook

  • Check something off your to do list

  • Do at least one thing per day because it makes you happy.

  • Get active

  • Color in a coloring book

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