Our Guide to a Spring Reset

*Team SN's picks are selected based on products we truly love. Note: this article does contain affiliate links, and we will receive a commission if you purchase a product linked here. Something Navy also retains a percent of revenue from the third party brand products sold on Somethingnavy.com.

It’s ~finally~ spring, which means a lot of things. Not only is it time to stow away our winter clothes and give our homes a deep clean, but it’s also a great opportunity to check in with ourselves and see where we can make improvements—no matter how big or small. Perhaps it’s been a while since you've gotten a good night's sleep, or maybe you’ve been looking for inspiration in the fitness department? A new season is the perfect time to tackle your goals. Ahead, you'll find Team SN's favorite products and experiences for a successful spring reset.


Disclaimer: Nothing can benefit the mind quite like an actual mental health professional, so consider that before implementing any of our recommendations. Check out resources like BetterHelp to set up a virtual meeting with a licensed expert.

But on our own, we like to start our day with a meditation sesh via Calm—which does wonders—even before throwing back a big cup of coffee. In a dream world? We’d be traveling to the Hamptons every weekend to catch some zen at Gurney’s (and when we can, we do).


Besides purging your home of clothes that don't bring you joy, you might benefit from making some other changes, too. If you’re ready for a big change—and fighting for sleep—consider investing in the sustainable and ultra-comfortable Avocado Organic Luxury Mattress. Or, at the very least, treat yourself to some brand-new cotton bedsheets (cotton keeps you cooler, FYI). Add a fun throw and you're ready for your best night's sleep!

Another home favorite? Ruggable, famous for its machine-washable rugs that can withstand even the darkest of wine spills, among other messes. Think about brightening up your space for spring with a design like the bestselling Moroccan Diamond Plush Rug. If you’re all set on furnishings, infuse your space with an easy-to-care-for plant from The Sill. The beloved brand will safely ship your plant babies straight to your doorstep. Our current fave is the pet-friendly Ric Ric Cactus. Throw in a clean new scent into the mix and you'll be feeling refreshed in no time!


Now that it’s spring and temperatures are rising, there’s all the more reason to get moving. One of the Team SN's tried and true ways of reinvigorating our love of exercise is by adding a new workout ‘fit to cart. We'll be adding these biker shorts from Something Navy (of course) and Splits59 to cart ASAP! Team them with the social media famous Bala Bangles and you’re ready to hit the gym.

If motivation’s your problem, consider Future, an app that connects you with a fitness coach to create customized workouts that align with your goals AND hold you accountable. And speaking of accountability, the SN team is currently crushing on the TikTok-approved HiDrate Spark Steel Smart Water Bottle, which tracks your daily water intake and syncs it to your phone. Genius, right?