The Best Skincare Advice We've Learned From Our Moms

Team SN got it from our mamas. 

We've been learning (and stealing tricks) from our moms since our early days, so who better to turn to when we're in need of skincare advice? From the makeup removing routine you must do before bed to the superpower beauty ingredient you might even have in your kitchen, read on for the best pieces of skincare advice Arielle and Team SN has learned from our mamas.

Arielle's Favorite Skincare Advice From Her Mom

My two favorite pieces of skincare advice from my mom are...

  1. Always wash your face before bed. Throughout the day your face experiences a lot of wear and tear, so the most important thing to do is wash before bed. This ensures you aren’t spreading dirt onto your pillowcase and in your bed!

  2. Moisturize your neck. The neck ages really quickly and is one of the first things on a woman’s body that shows signs of age. Moisturizing your neck can delay the aging process, so it's something I always do!

Dana's Favorite Skincare Advice From Her Mom

My mom always wore very little makeup but the one beauty tip she emphasized is to always moisturize! Growing up, I remember she used the same Neutrogena face cream every day for years.

Anna's Favorite Skincare Advice From Her Mom

My mom always told me to never ever fall asleep with makeup on. Always wash your face before bed no matter how tired you are. Even better? My mom always shares her favorite beauty products with me–right now, she loves this essential hydrating oil to keep skin hydrated and plump, and she always has it in her purse.

Pujah's Favorite Skincare Advice From Her Mom

One of the many things my mom has taught me is to always stock up on turmeric. Most people use this super spice in the kitchen because of the great health benefits, but my mom also taught me how to use it on my skin! Her go-to DIY face mask: mix turmeric with aloe vera and argan oil to combat sun damage and signs of aging.

Maggie's Favorite Skincare Advice from Her Mom

My actual life goal is to age as gracefully as my mom has! Her number one piece of beauty advice is to wear sunscreen 24/7. She loved sitting in the sun when she was younger, but she has since learned to wear sunscreen religiously (and she's made me a sunscreen obsessive too!).