Something For Your Sunday Scaries

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Whether you’re stressing about everything on your to-do list for the upcoming week or you have a raging case of hangxiety from the night before, Sunday Scaries are something that pretty much everyone can relate to. While it’s easy to dread the end of the weekend and reminisce on all the fun you had on Friday and Saturday, we’ve learned to love Sundays by incorporating just a few simple self-care tips. Lucky for you, Team SN is not one to gatekeep, so check out all of our remedies to cure your Sunday Scaries below!

Something to Shop

There’s nothing wrong with staying in your pajamas all day, especially when they’re this adorable. Our new sleep collection is fit for any kind of self-care Sunday activity, as long as it involves being cozy. Plus, we can’t think of a better way to get out of a post-weekend funk than with a brightly colored sleep set!

If you want to take your attire a step up from sleepwear, you have to try our Relaxed Cableknit Sweater and Long Shorts. Whether you’re curling up to watch a movie, catching up on some sleep, or cooking up something to eat, this versatile set is perfect for any part of your Sunday routine. Who says you can’t look chic while staying home all day? 

Slippers are a must-have for SN when it comes to feeling luxurious in your own home, and these pink corduroy slippers are our go-to. This cozy pair of footwear is so soft, you’ll feel like you’re walking on pink-colored cotton candy clouds while padding around your apartment (or running downstairs to pick up the UberEats you ordered). 

Something for Self-Care

We cannot stress the importance of treating yourself during a self-care Sunday enough, especially when it comes to your hair. Team SN recommends Allyoos Juice Drench Hair Treatment to heal your hair with plant and water-based ingredients after a hectic weekend. And the best part? You can leave in this nourishing hair treatment at any point in your day whether it be taking a shower, watching your favorite comfort movie, or planning for the week ahead. 

We love a good face mask, and Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial is one of our ultimate favorites. The Korean beauty-inspired brand’s products are always vegan and cruelty-free, plus they smell amazing. This Watermelon mask simultaneously hydrates your skin while unclogging your pores and is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed in no time.  

Another one of our Sunday Scary go-to products has got to be KNC Beauty’s Shooting Star-Shaped Eye Masks. Not only are these all-natural, retinol-infused eye masks too cute to handle, but they’re also famous for depuffing and hydrating your eyes after a weekend a long weekend.

We didn’t think that it was possible for a pimple patch to become trendy, but Starface proved us wrong. Although these star-shaped pimple protectors seem more like an accessory than a self-care product, the 100% hydrocolloid stars work to “absorb fluid and reduce inflammation,” making your pimples pretty much disappear after binging a few hours of your favorite comfort show. So what if you forgot to take off all your makeup one or two nights this past weekend? Starface has got you covered.

Something to Watch

The Dropout 

It seems like everyone has been obsessing over the new Hulu miniseries, “The Dropout,” and we totally understand why. Based on the podcast hosted by ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis, this show details the life and rise to fame of former Theranos founder, Elizabeth Holmes, as she fooled the biotech world with her less than foolproof blood-testing product. If you’re a fan of shows like “Inventing Anna” or “FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened,” then this show is definitely for you. 


If you’ve been dying to see more of Lily Collins after you finished Season 2 of “Emily in Paris,” then you have to check out her new movie, “Windfall.” The Netflix thriller has a limited cast of three of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Collins, Jason Segel, and Jesse Plemons, who are sure to keep you captivated throughout the entire film. “Windfall” also mixes humorous moments with suspenseful scenes that we promise will distract you from whatever you’re stressing about next Sunday. 


We know you’ve been just as excited for Season 2 of “Bridgerton,” as we have, and luckily it’ll be released March 25 and ready to watch for your next Netflix binge this coming Sunday. Although we all loved the Daphne/Simon love story from Season 1, Phoebe Dynevor explained to TheWrap that we should expect to see more of a focus on Anthony and his journey to find love in Season 2 (and of course, plenty of drama). 

Is It Cake? 

If you’re looking for something mindless to watch on a Sunday afternoon, then we have to recommend the new Netflix reality competition show, “Is It Cake?” Surprisingly enough, the title of the show tells you everything you need to know — it’s literally a competition where cake artists create insanely realistic replicas of everyday objects. Is it the most groundbreaking show to ever grace our Netflix queues? No. Is it entertaining? Absolutely.